Affiliate Partner Program

Affiliate marketing, also known as a partner program in Germany, is - simply put - a type of commission system for orders on the Internet. If a website visitor reaches via an advertisement placed on a website on the Internet and places a valid order there, the website operator receives a commission from us as an affiliate partner for the referral.

Do you run a successful website that is regularly visited by many users? Or do you have a strong newsletter distribution list that regularly reaches many people? Then simply start earning money now with the extensive affiliate partner program of!

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Simply sign up for our affiliate program by registering with our provider retailAds. Click on "Sign up" below and register today!

Use advertising material

Once you have signed up and registered, you can get started. Log in to our partner retailAds and integrate the advertising material provided into your own website.

Earn money!

From now on you can increase your turnover in the simplest possible way! You earn a commission for every user who visits your website via a banner and makes a purchase there!

The advantages of being an affiliate partner of

  • 30 days cookie duration
  • Easy integration of the advertising material on your website
  • Large selection of strong advertising media
  • flexible coordination with a personal contact person

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